From Omaha (Epperly Airfield/Carter Lake) to starting town $50.00

Full support service through the week. Options and amenities including campsites for the week in all towns, cool drinks, cell phone recharging, canopies, chairs, & more . - $285.00

From end of ride back to Omaha (Epperly Airfield/Carter Lake) - $175.00

Start to finish, including full support services for the week $510.00 

Please note:  The last bus departure on Saturday (to the starting town) is 3:00 pm.   Please make your driving or flying plans accordingly.   If flying, it is highly recommended that you arrive in Omaha on Friday.

Our FREE showers are available through the week in ‘most’ towns at our campsite.  Additional shower services will be available in each town.

2024 Pricing